Want To Learn How To Run Your Own Internet Business?

Are you struggling with a lot of ebooks because they assume knowledge you simply don't have, or talk pure geek!

Then here is your solution!

If you are new to the internet, it can be a very steep learning curve, particularly if you are one of the 30% of people who learn VISUALLY. I spent hours poring over book after book trying to learn the secrets of Internet Marketing.

Most of them were either written at a level way beyond my knowledge, taking about cgi and perl as if they were everyday items, or were so broad they told you nothing. Many were just a long sales letter for a succession of expensive tools. You know the type, use this tool its only $xxx, or this one at $xxx, all of course through an affiliate link.

If You are anything like me you have tried a pile of things with little or no result. I tried MLMs and surf for profit, I tried this "surefire winner" after that one, and still success eluded me. By chance I ended up on a site that offered to show me how to succeed. I read it all with some scepticism but what the hell...

It was a light bulb moment! Suddenly I had the solution I am going to share with you.

Step by Step Training Videos. These videos cover all the basics and many advanced tips and tricks that you will find essential to your success. All laid out in step by step format that actually shows you what to do. Because they are showing you, words which were meaningless suddenly make sense.

Talk about lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment!

Here is a list of all the videos that I have chosen to make sure you know everything you need to know to get started, and a lot more besides:

    Website Building Videos

  • Create A Minisite In Less Than 30 Minutes   14 videos
  • How To Add Automatic Updating Content To Your Site   9 videos
  • cPanel In Depth   14 videos
  • Building A Website Using NVU   4 videos

    Graphics Tutorial Videos

  • How To Master Web Graphics In 10 Easy Steps   11 videos
  • 29 Easy & Instant Web Design Tricks   29 videos
  • How To Turn Text Into Cool Images  
  • Watermarking Your Images  
  • How To Easily Create Your Own Banners  
  • How To Capture A Screen Image & Add It To Your Site  
  • Quick Way To Resize An Image  

    Traffic Generation Videos

  • 10 Easy Steps To A Google Friendly Page   16 videos
  • 7 Fast Ways To Get Great Links To Your Web Site   7 videos
  • 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic For Free   6 videos
  • 15 Easy Ways To Boost Your Web Site Response:   15 videos

    List Building & Management Videos

  • How To Create A Squeeze Page  
  • 5 Fast Ways To Explode Your Opt-In List   18 videos

    Ebay Tutorial Videos

  • An Easy To Set up Ebay Business  
  • Ebay Quick Start Guide   20 videos

    Product Creation Videos

  • E Book Secrets   8 videos
  • Instant CD Products   8 videos
  • Creating CDs For Dropshipping  

    Marketing Videos

  • How To Build Huge Niche Keyword Lists   11 videos
  • The Secrets Of Using Co Registration Leads Successfully   3 videos
  • Website Conversion Secrets   5 videos
  • Internet Marketing Lost Strategies   7 videos

    Blogging Videos

  • Instant Blog Traffic   12 videos
  • Wordpress Setup and use   4 videos
  • Install SEO Wordpress   7 videos
  • Add Ad Blocks To Wordpress Easily  

    Web 2.0 Videos

  • You Tube Traffic Secrets   7 videos
  • Traffic From Stumble Upon  
  • Getting Started With Stumble Upon  
  • My Space Mini Course   4videos
  • An Introduction to Digg  
  • An Introduction to Technorati  
  • An Introduction to Delicio.us  
  • An Introduction to Twitter  
  • An Introduction to You Tube  
  • My Space TV  
  • An Introduction To Yahoo My Webs  
  • Yahoo Answers  
  • An Introduction To Yahoo 360  

    Google Tools Videos

  • Adwords Basics   6 videos
  • Using Google Trends To Identify Niches  
  • Instant Adsense Cash   11 videos
  • How To Win At Adwords   3 videos

  • Affiliate Marketing Videos

  • Affiliate Launch Pad   2 videos
  • Affiliate Basics   4 videos

    Miscellaneous Videos

  • Create Streaming Video Using Free Tools   7 videos
  • Create Streaming Audio For Your website   5 videos
  • Customer Support System Made Easy   8 videos

    Short And Simple Videos Quick And To The Point

  • Pimping Gmail   6 videos
  • Setting Up An Autoresponse Email Address  
  • Using Amazon Storage for your files.  
  • How To Add Audio To Your Website  
  • How To Create & Add A Background Image  
  • Make A CD Autorun  
  • Download YouTube Videos  
  • Add A Scrolling Count Down Timer To Your Site  
  • How To create and add a Favicon  
  • How to Embed Video on Your Sales Page  
  • The Importance Of Keywords  
  • How To Locate Profitable Niches   13 videos
  • 5 Ways To Free Traffic  
  • Installing A Helpdesk  
  • Setting Up Live Help  
  • Setting up an AWeber account  
  • Creating A Redirect To mask your Affiliate Link  
  • Camtasia Basics + Whats new in Camtasia 5   7 videos
  • How To Access Your Web Stats  
  • MySQL setup using CPanel  
  • Branding Videos using Windows Movie Maker  
  • Using Joomla   2 videos
  • Creating a secure PDF  
  • How To Create A Secure Download Area  
  • An Introduction To Clickbank  
  • Uploading Files To Your Server  
  • How To FTP  
  • Further FTP and Installing Scripts  
  • Teleseminars  
  • Teleseminars Part 2  
  • Create A Custom Paypal Payment Page  
  • How To Use PHP Include Statements On Your Sites  
  • How To Install A Free Stats Counter  
  • Doing BackUps in cPanel  
  • Install and Set Up A phpBB Forum Part 1  
  • Install and Set Up A phpBB Forum Part 2  
  • Customise a phpBB Forum  
  • Setting Up a 404 Redirect  
  • Backing up your MySQL  
  • And More Added Every Month!
How much is all this going to cost me you ask.

Well you are going to pleasantly surprised. I wanted to make sure that everyone could afford access to this resource.

The site will be launching any day now. To get a very special opening offer just add your details below:

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